Tip Light MK4


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The Mk4 Rod Tip Lights are the best and most reliable LED fishing rod tip lights available, an essential addition to the fishing tackle box for the night fisherman. Easily spot your fishing rod in low light, early mornings or while night fishing with the Mk4 Rod Tip Light.


Each package contains:

1 x Mk4 LED Rod Tip Light packaged with batteries and is ready to use. Please note that battery life varies with temperature, but it is approximately 200 to 500 hours.

2 x mounts that fit various rod tip diameters. The mount is to be attached to your fishing rod tip in order to hold the Mk4 rod tip light.


Instructions: Attach one of the mounts to your fishing rod with electrical tape or thread (wrap like a guide) and then slip the Mk4 Rod Tip Light into the mount. Once mounted these rod tip lights are easy to use: Turn stem clockwise and the LED LIGHT IS ON then turn 90 degrees counter clockwise and the LED LIGHT IS OFF.

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