Starlite SL1+2 Tip Lights


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Since Starlites began helping anglers catch fish after dark over a decade ago, their popular range continues to grow.  The Starlite SL1+2 Standard Night Lights are visible at 30 yards and offer a number of uses. Sea Anglers use them on the end of their rods for bite detection. Freshwater anglers fix these lights on floats to fish pit margins; river anglers install them on quivers; carp hunters tape them to bobbins. Starlites are the brand leader for bite detection after the sun has set, thanks to their versatility.

Starlites work by combining two non-toxic, non-corrosive chemicals in a plastic tube separated by a glass wall. Breaking the wall mixes the chemicals, which results in a powerful glow lasting for four to six hours. 

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