Peeled Peeler Crabs. MATCH READY


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 These Peelers have been ready peeled and de-lunged so all you need to do is pierce the bag and defrost. They are probably the best bait you can get. They are extremely popular for Bass in the summer and Cod in the winter. The crabs are usually around the size of a 50p piece once peeled. It is a good idea to use bait elastic once on the hook to hold the crab in place. There are between 4-6 per packet depending on size. Please do not order these by themselves as they are very difficult to keep frozen. If you can order some squid or mackerel (something bulky) to go with them it will help keep the products frozen in transit. Anyone ordering these by themselves will have to do so at their own risk. We will do our very best to ensure our packaging keeps them as frozen as possible but cannot guarantee they will arrive frozen if ordered alone. Many thanks

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