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Ragworm is one of the most popular baits for use during the summer months, it is visibly the most attractive bait when presented in clear water. Ideal for catching Bass especially when tipped off with fresh peeler crab. Our Ragworm are all hand dug and we package them up using damp vermiculite. This keeps them fresh and lively for upto 10 days as long as they are kept cold. We have gained a fantastic reputation for the quality of our Ragworm and it has vast become one of our best sellers over recent months. For those of you unsure how to bait up using a ragworm, check out our YouTube Channel for various tutorials.

**Please note from August-Sept the ragworm tend to become quite milky and weak, we do our very best to continue to supply however they do not last as long as normal during this period. Please be aware of this before ordering**

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