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The Imax FR 10 is a must-have accessory for saltwater anglers, clipping easily to your waistband or waders, and ensuring that your rigs, EVA winders, snoods and shock leaders are all close at hand, and completely protected. With the flexibility to respond effortlessly to the constantly changing conditions of sea fishing, and a secure, full Velcro closure that ensures your tackle stays put as you scramble down cliffs and over rocks, or are tossed about in your boat, this spool case is designed for those anglers who are constantly in motion, and built for the demands of the sea.

The FR10 is designed to meet the challenges and demands of sea fishing.

Practical, functional, and easy to use, this spool case allows you to make the most of your saltwater angling, by ensuring you can easily keep core kit close at hand, yet out of the way, throughout your session.

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